Asian Life Insurance Company distributes right shares to its shareholder; Unsold 98 thousand units will be sold via auction from Jestha 10

Wed, May 16, 2018 7:57 AM on Dividend, Bonus & Rights, Latest, Share Allotment, Stock Market,
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Asian Life Insurance Company Limited (ALICL) has published a notice regarding the distribution of right shares for its shareholders and for the auction of its unsold shares. The auction will begin from Jestha 10 till Jestha 17, 2075.

ALICL had issued 2:1 (50%) 40, 27,966.20 units right shares at a par value of Rs 100 per unit to its shareholders from Falgun 13, 2074.

Total 39, 29,720 unit right shares were allotted to the applicants.Amount will be unfreezed by Jestha 6, 2075.

NIBL Ace Capital has been appointed as the issue manager for the auction of the shares.

The minimum bid price has been set as Rs 100 i.e. the bidders need to bid above Rs 100 per share. Also, the bidders can apply for minimum 100 unit of shares.

The interested bidders can collect application form from NIBL Ace Capital as well as designated branches of NIBL Bank.

The insurance company has urged the bidders submit the bid amount in A/C no 0010017386400001 of Kumari Bank in the name of NIBL Ace Capital Limited.

After the adjustment of 50% right shares, its paid up capital will reach Rs 1.20 arba.

Its LTP stood at Rs 840 as on the last trading day.