Laxmi Bank announces 10% Cash Back and free e-Banking Package  

Mon, Apr 16, 2018 9:58 AM on Corporate, Latest,

Laxmi Bank has started the New Year 2075 by offering Cash Back Offer for all their VISA cardholders. All customers who use VISA cards to make payment at POS terminals and/or online merchants will get flat 10% cash back. This offer from Laxmi Bank and VISA is in line with promoting cashless economy by encouraging digital payments and card use.

VISA cardholders who use their card three (3) times or more during the scheme period from 15th April, 2018 till 15th May, 2018 will be eligible for the cash back offer. They will receive 10% cash back of their transaction amount, up to a maximum of NPR 1,000.00 per card.

Card transactions of any amount made both here in Nepal and India will be eligible under this scheme, says the press statement released by the bank. The cash back amount will be credited to their respective bank account or credit card account at the end of the scheme period.

Further, the bank is also providing additional offer to all new savings account opened during the scheme period. New account holders will receive “e-Banking Package” for free for four years, which is worth NPR 1,000 which includes VISA Debit Card along with other auxiliary services such as mobile and internet banking.